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my best holiday by chloe 4d

my best holiday was Egypt because it was so hot and fun there I will show you a picture of Egypt swimming pool it is fantastic it is at the top. It is my favourite because I had made so many friends their . And when I went on my over holidays before I had not made […]

blogging homework 16th October by Madison c

My holiday that was in a different  country was Paris. I stayed there for a week. We went in May 2014 It was my favourite place because I went into Disneyland every day, the food was nice, swimming was fun and the late night light show on the castle was amazing. I met Disney characters, […]

Blogging homework 16th October 2014

We would like you to blog about where you have been on your favourite holiday or day trip? Where you went When you went Why it was your favourite What you did What landmarks are there

Ishaque Book Review

4D had such a good day! Miss Daly is very happy…

Countries of Europe

As part of our geography topic we are learning about the countries that make Europe. As part of this we had an activity where we had to match the countries to their flags.

The amazing crocodile by Tofunmi 4D

Once there was a soft crocodile he was grumpy he forgot about me he loved peppers he was so greedy he didn’t share food he was rude he did not have any family even no brother and no sister he was a alone he was sad but he loved oranges he was bored he did […]

Charlie Varjak Paw Poem

100 word challenge by liam 4d

Last year i went on holiday. I went the great yarmouth, as i looked around i saw the bumper cars and after that i went on the giant slide, it was fun. Really fun. I had a break, I had sausages and chips and we listend to the music. Then i went on the go […]

100 word challenge at Mersea by Tilly may

Last week I went to Mersy I was on a plane and as I looked around I saw my brother sleeping in his chair. When I got to Mersy I went to the hotel and we went in our room.I had my own room while my brother slept with my parents.We went to the pool […]