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Mrs.Daly is the best poem by maria

Mrs.Daly is the best and i know she needs a rest . Mrs.Daly is the best is the best because she is fun and she shares a bun. Mrs.Daly is the best you can’t meat a teacher like her . And that is why we love Mrs.Daly. WE  LOVE  MRS.DALY !!!!!!! 

Fantastic Team Work!

4D all played together at break time. Charlie, Ayo, Ella and Amiee all managed to get 25 skips!

The Day at the Zoo

As we went on a visit to the zoo, we all part nerd up and walked as a two, Some animals went coo, So we did to, Cows went moo as they were new to the zoo, Animals were let out of there cage , As they danced silly on the stage, Some were in […]

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At the Zoo

As we went on a visit to the zoo we all partnered up and walked as a two I could hear an old owl going tweet tweet tweet as we walked past a sweet. I saw an ignorant iguana next to a slithering slimy snake and the slithering slimy snake was in a blue lake. […]

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Bobby’s poem

As we went on a school visit to the zoo We all partnered up in a two Whilst we were walking we had to dodge the poo! We walked past a tremendous tiger Madeline was nearly caught as he tried to swipe her! As we walked past the beastly bear that had nothing to tear […]

In the zoo by Maria

We went to visit the zoo and we pared up in two . Chloe needed the loo but she trod in poo . Everyone went boo. After that we went to see the slimy, sneaky,silvery snake and it was having a bake with other snakes . We went to the lake and needed to make […]

Our visit to the zoo (Poem) By Ella

When we went on a visit to the zoo we all partnered up as twos. We saw a huge water snake in a long crystal blue lake. I went to go to the loo then saw a huge kangeroo! It was brown and didn’t even make a sound. I stroked it’s head then it went […]

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Alphabet Animal Alliteration

In Literacy we have been looking at poems.

Can I create a poem that rhymes about a zoo?

First day back at School!

Well done 4D!! The entire class have their name on the ‘happy face’ and NO names on the ‘sad face’ – such a positive day.