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:) Astro Land :) By Ella and Darshan

AstroLand is a fantastic resort, with activities to participate in all day long. You can make your own  …. SPACE ROCKET! You can meet real life….. ALIENS! You can do arts & crafts, meet new friends and be educated at the same time! So don’t waste a minute and tell your parents right now!  

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Awesome Astroland

Festival of Flowers

Maths Subtraction Word Problems

We are making progress in our knowledge of word problems! We know it’s easier if we take our time and sometimes we have to do more than one calculation!

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The x bots poem by Paris

It’s eyes were as ebony as a wolf’s dark skin, The nose is as miniature  as a rat, Ears as vast as an elephant, legs as creepy crawly as a spider, teeth as cunning as a dagger, the x bots are as miniature as a monstrous mouse.

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The Xbot

It’s eyes were as scarlet as a devious devil’s eyes, the nose of the Xbot was a miniature button, the ears were twisted coat hangers , twisted up in a bundle, the Xbot’s legs were made of flaming fire, that burned like ashes falling apart, My Xbot is as frightening as the darkest dangerous nightmare […]

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My obstreperous x-bot by Amiee.

My x–bot has… eyes as maroon as a brutal bush fire, a nose that rusts in the blazing sun, ears like a wicked witches obstreperous nose It’s  are  pointy razor  blades.   My x-bot is … as frightening as a murky shadow lurking in the corners of your house!!!  

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My ferocious x-bot. Ella

Its eyes are blood shot and bulge out of their sockets,  My x-bots ears are as long as a ruler, His nose is as sharp as a dagger, His legs are like lightning bolts flashing, My x-bot is as terrifying as a demon, He is a scarlet machine, It’s fingernails are like razor blades, He could slaughter […]

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My x-bot by Madison

It’s eyes are balls of scarlet fire, a nose glimmering in the sunshine, excellent eyes can signal from afar, legs thin and spider like.   Talks like a demon devil robot, propellor whizzes as rapid as a helicopter, Tail is strong barbed wire.   That is my x-bot.        

My x-bot by Aaron

It’s eyes are as red as red rose red, the nose is as small as a mouse, its ears are as pointed  as a sharp sword , the legs are as sharp as a razor blade , its tail is as long as a snake, the head is as circular as a circle , the […]