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100 Years ago- Propaganda

Propaganda posters encouraged the public to join up and do their bit for King and Country.

100 Years ago- What shops were on the high street?

100 Years ago- What was school like?

4D’s Class assembly By Madeline and Bradley

Come To Our Class Assembly ! Come to our spectacular assembly. All varieties of lessons displayed DO NOT MISS OUT! HAVE YOU GOT A SENSE OF ADVENTURE ? HOP ON AND ENJOY EVERY SECOND !  

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IT GOING TO BE THE BEST SO GET READY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT MISS OUT! PLEASE COME TO 4D’s CLASS ASSEMBLY!  

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4D amazing class assembly!

Welcome to the best experience of your life……. The place you have been dreaming of all your life…… And will make your mind shatter into a million pieces…. So come to 4d’s class assembly and live what you dreamed Right now!!!  

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Our Class Assembly. By Ella

Tomorrow, is going to be our class assembly and I can’t wait.  We will be sharing some of our work to show our parents. Sometimes we can sing songs, do artwork, share our handwriting and do little plays.  It is fun as we all get a few lines to say and we all get to […]

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Record Breakers -Reading Challenge

4D’s class assembly!

We can not wait to show you our class assembly on Friday – 2:30! DO NOT MISS IT

Mini Rocket!