4D’s Class assembly By Madeline and Bradley

Come To Our Class Assembly ! Come to our spectacular assembly. All varieties of lessons displayed DO NOT MISS OUT! HAVE YOU GOT A SENSE OF ADVENTURE ? HOP ON AND ENJOY EVERY SECOND !  

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IT GOING TO BE THE BEST SO GET READY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT MISS OUT! PLEASE COME TO 4D’s CLASS ASSEMBLY!  

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4D amazing class assembly!

Welcome to the best experience of your life……. The place you have been dreaming of all your life…… And will make your mind shatter into a million pieces…. So come to 4d’s class assembly and live what you dreamed Right now!!!  

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Our Class Assembly. By Ella

Tomorrow, is going to be our class assembly and I can’t wait.  We will be sharing some of our work to show our parents. Sometimes we can sing songs, do artwork, share our handwriting and do little plays.  It is fun as we all get a few lines to say and we all get to […]

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Guess the room!!!

Along the corridor next the office near the exit, near the yr2 & 1 WHAT  IS IT?

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guess the room!

As you walk along the corridor you see canvasses on the wall, then as you turn right into the room there`s  a large display of pupils. CAN YOU GUESS THE ROOM?

Preposition sentences By Madeline and Isaac

We have a topic about a place in space called Astroland  we are persuading people to go there we are directing awesome activities as well . The handsome hotel as big as a sky scraper plotted  beneath the perfect pool and blocked in with  brutal buggies with laughing shiny stars perching over you . Across the […]

prepositions by Paris and Ethan

In Into Beneath up down across along before by between on open

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Down The Register, By Ella, Ayo, and Darshan

Amazing Ayo, Dizzy Darshan, Incredible Izabella, Awesome Aaron,  Super Sylvia, Jumping James,  Terrific Tilly, Tickly Tofumni, Astonishing Arthur, Incredible Isaac, Marvellous Madison, Perfect Paris, Excellent Ethan, Magnificent Madeline, Wonderful Will, Tremendous Thomas, Clever Chloe, Appealing Amiee, Intelligent Ishaque, Leaping Liam, Mysterious Maria, Ruby Rosie, Hilarious Honey, Brilliant Bradley,  

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Astonishing Astroland by Amiee

Are you bored of the hustle in your city? Then if so come to Astroland! It is the perfect place to be in space! Do you want to: See a unique 5 eyed cow? Have a super sleepover? Tear up the tracks in a rapped moon buggie ? Make your dreams come to life, in […]

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