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Our Class Assembly. By Ella

Tomorrow, is going to be our class assembly and I can’t wait.  We will be sharing some of our work to show our parents. Sometimes we can sing songs, do artwork, share our handwriting and do little plays.  It is fun as we all get a few lines to say and we all get to […]

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Down The Register, By Ella, Ayo, and Darshan

Amazing Ayo, Dizzy Darshan, Incredible Izabella, Awesome Aaron,  Super Sylvia, Jumping James,  Terrific Tilly, Tickly Tofumni, Astonishing Arthur, Incredible Isaac, Marvellous Madison, Perfect Paris, Excellent Ethan, Magnificent Madeline, Wonderful Will, Tremendous Thomas, Clever Chloe, Appealing Amiee, Intelligent Ishaque, Leaping Liam, Mysterious Maria, Ruby Rosie, Hilarious Honey, Brilliant Bradley,  

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:) Astro Land :) By Ella and Darshan

AstroLand is a fantastic resort, with activities to participate in all day long. You can make your own  …. SPACE ROCKET! You can meet real life….. ALIENS! You can do arts & crafts, meet new friends and be educated at the same time! So don’t waste a minute and tell your parents right now!  

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My ferocious x-bot. Ella

Its eyes are blood shot and bulge out of their sockets,  My x-bots ears are as long as a ruler, His nose is as sharp as a dagger, His legs are like lightning bolts flashing, My x-bot is as terrifying as a demon, He is a scarlet machine, It’s fingernails are like razor blades, He could slaughter […]

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Into the jungle, Chapter 1- Ella

Chapter 1 “Bethany!” I yelled to the top of the stairs. We were going to be late. We were visiting my aunt Julie’s house in the jungle. She lived in a small cottage in the forest. I yelled at the top of my lungs again. “BETHANY!” She stumbled down the stairs, “Okay! I’m coming!” She […]

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Dance- Freestyle By Ella

This Wednesday we all had a great dance lesson. Our dance teacher thinks that we are the best class she teaches. (Don’t tell the other classes) Because we were all so good we all did a freestyle circle. When it was our turn we could point to a friend and they would join you free […]

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Our visit to the zoo (Poem) By Ella

When we went on a visit to the zoo we all partnered up as twos. We saw a huge water snake in a long crystal blue lake. I went to go to the loo then saw a huge kangeroo! It was brown and didn’t even make a sound. I stroked it’s head then it went […]

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