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4D amazing class assembly!

Welcome to the best experience of your life……. The place you have been dreaming of all your life…… And will make your mind shatter into a million pieces…. So come to 4d’s class assembly and live what you dreamed Right now!!!  

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The Xbot

It’s eyes were as scarlet as a devious devil’s eyes, the nose of the Xbot was a miniature button, the ears were twisted coat hangers , twisted up in a bundle, the Xbot’s legs were made of flaming fire, that burned like ashes falling apart, My Xbot is as frightening as the darkest dangerous nightmare […]

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My gymnastics day by Sylvia

Last Sunday, it was the best day ever! It was my graceful gymnastics lesson I was so so excited for this day. Me and my dad , my mum got ready and got into the colossal car and we drove off to my amazing fun gym room. When we got there, I had to go […]

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At the Zoo

As we went on a visit to the zoo we all partnered up and walked as a two I could hear an old owl going tweet tweet tweet as we walked past a sweet. I saw an ignorant iguana next to a slithering slimy snake and the slithering slimy snake was in a blue lake. […]

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